Angel.Net is officially finished!

Well, it's official, folks. I finally finished the game. And I also figured out some stuff about my life.

I don't know where it came from, but this month I've been hit with a lot of self-confrontations. I recently quit twitter, which has been draining so much from me for years, but I didn't realize it. Part of making this game was about revisiting the internet days of old, and what I really enjoyed most from those days was being able to choose my community and engage with people. Social media is now moving to a stage where the content I see and post is kind of out of my control, and as a result I felt a lot more isolated and anxious when I used it. Now that I don't have it anymore, I've been thinking about communities and projects that I want to really invest myself in. I want to be a part of this website (itchio), for example, like really participate in the community and spread the word about all the awesome projects that are hosted here. I also realized I want to continue expanding pink games history, like the kind researched on the femicom museum. And instead of seeing people's random tweets on a timeline, I want to actively reach out and talk to them from time to time.

I was really disheartened about halfway through this project. I thought I wouldn't be able to finish it in time, and I was disappointed because I kept cutting features to make up for that. But now that I've finished and be able to reflect on everything that's happened this month, I'm excited! Yes, I finished a game before a deadline! Yes, I'm more confident in my sexuality! Yes, I have control over my life and the decisions I make online! I'm smiling! After thinking about it, I don't care if nobody plays this random little thing that I made. I know that I did it, and I learned so much about myself just making it. Anyway, games are great.

getting to the finish line was NOT easy, by the way. Today I was scrambling to kinkoes to get the pages all scanned up. Then it was back to my home computer to chop up the pages, clean them, rearrange them, and set up the final document (I had to FIGHT with Photoshop like I've never had to before--let's just say the crop function failed me). At the last minute I also sprung and made some concept images showing how players would theoretically be interacting with the game. It was fun to do while I listened to some Waypoint Radio about Marie Kondo.

And now I'm done. The game is published, it's on the Ace Jam page, and I'm wrapping it all up by writing this post. I recently migrated my entire dev journal from the community page to here. So far I really enjoy the devjournal functionality, so I'll be looking into it for future updates with Pairanormal.

Goodnight Everyone! Here's to 2019 being awesome so far!

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