Starting Out!

Hey all, I'm making a game for the ace jam and wanted to use this place as a space to write down stuff that I'm working on. It's a dev log, but more than that, kind of a journal. 

The game I'm working on, Angel.Net is about the internet in the 90s, with a lot of the social websites and MMO's that I hung out on. It's a pretty simple game to make, but Inevitably, I've been trawling through my own internet history looking for inspiration. I managed to log into my old xanga account, and my old gaiaonline account. No luck with my Neopets account, no doubt my Shoyru will be waiting for me forever ):

My most interesting discovery, however, was stumbling across my very first internet community, Ham Ham Kingdom. It was a hamtaro fan website. It's not online anymore, and to my massive disappointment the internet archive took several captures of the website in its heyday, but encountered errors so lots of pages are missing. But I managed to catch a glimpse of it! it made me so happy. I guess what really made me sad about it was that I learned the website creator passed away. Even when I was on her forums back in the day, I heard she'd been dealing with cancer. But I was a kid back then, I didn't really understand what that meant. I'm so sad thinking about how that wonderful piece of the internet might disappear, but also wondering if there's some way I can preserve it, or at least memorialize it.


I've been touching up the game's page, which isn't live on yet. I want to create some adoptables for the page eventually (It's so crazy, when I was a kid I thought the people who made them were godlike, but now that I've been making art for many years I finally know how to do it!) and a fake website background to make it look like the layouts of the old days.  As of today I've made six pages of art for the coloring book. (each page has four pages within it, so there's currently 24 pages total). Tomorrow I'm going to try and bust out some more!

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