I bought stuff ;_;

Hey guys, more updates on the game.

  • My new pens came in.

 I promised myself I wasn't gonna buy anything to make this game but I caved and bought some pens, as well as a sparkly folder to hold the paper. The mind is willing, but the body is weak D: The pens are called Pigma Micron Pens, and they're made by a company called "Sakura". They are felt tip, but so incredibly fine. Sakura is a pretty good art supply company. I also own their watercolor case for travel. I swear, this isn't an advertisement. Anyway, thanks to the fineness of the new pens, I can start inking all my sketches. I'm glad I can add lots of interesting details to the drawings but I have to keep reminding myself to keep it simple, otherwise I'll never finish.

  • I am listening to: Gino Vannelli

Two days ago I dug into my dad's old things. I encountered a chest full of records. Thankfully my best friend has a record player, so I've borrowed it and have been playing all the records on it. The records are really well kept but still sound a little scratchy (I'm hoping it's due to the record player--my friend never cleans it and it's not in the best condition). I found lots of popular music in the record collection, but one artist who I didn't recognize made music I really like. His name is Gino Vannelli and his music sounds like video game music from the Sega Genesis era. Just that really city-pop, upbeat music. I miss my dad. I wish he could have told me where he got the music from.

  • I made a couple adoptables.

It's been a while since I've flexed my pixel art muscles. I made a couple of angels in the style of those old website adoptables. I think I'm going to make one more before my game page goes live. But I'm posting the ones I've made so far because they're really cute and I want to share them.

I also want to make some old school avatars, the ones that had rasterized images but had pixel borders, which was a popular style. This is an example from hamhamparadise, made by user "mimitchi":

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