Losing steam...

Today I felt unusually unmotivated. I know in 2019 I said I was going to give it my all, but lately I've been running into these types of days. In the middle of my drawing, I stopped and suddenly felt like nobody is going to play this game. It's a print and play, after all, which inherently asks a lot of players. Also on twitter anytime I tweet or talk about the game, even when I share artwork, I don't get a lot of interactions. I think that is just twitter's terrible algorithms though.

Even so, I'm determined to finish what I started. But maybe I won't put so much work on myself. I think I'm going to remove the shops functionality and just focus on the coloring book itself and the story. Hopefully it will make a nice little zine. Something I know I did well, but didn't stress myself out over. Luckily, even though I drew all the shops, I didn't ink them (which is the painstaking part). I think I'll scan the shops in and save them in the devlog for posterity or something. Seems like a waste to just throw them away altogether for the moment.

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