Pairanormal's First Patch Released!

hey guys. The game is now back up. There's a new version of the game if you're getting it for the first time, and a patch if you have an older version. Keep letting me know if you run into any bugs. Thanks guys!

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Jul 23, 2021
Pairanormal_v101_readme.txt 3 kB
Jul 23, 2021 57 MB
Jul 23, 2021

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hi! i keep running into a bug trying to hang out with todd in chapter 2 -- during the conversation with harper, every option i choose leads to the game freezing, and trying to reload it causes it to glitch :(

i also ended up getting a line of dialogue about harper saying i shouldnt be todds friend in chapter 3 when i ended up going to the clubhouse & going home w/ bret 

hello, can you shoot me an email at I have a patch to send you for this error

I'm still unable to download the game

Hi Rotten. the game is up now, so there must be some other reason this is happening. can you describe in detail what steps you are going through?

Hello! I'm having trouble getting the Linux version to run. Something to do with libbass. I did notice (with LD_DEBUG)  that the other libraries are "" but it tries to search for "./" instead of "", so maybe that's it?

I'm going to send this to my programmer. Hang tight!

He's pretty sure something else is causing the error; can you email cutegamesclub@gmail and describe exactly what steps you're taking?