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having trouble with the save files, the window also doesnt go into fullscreen either. 

First off, I have to say that this was such an amazing game!! I've only played Michelle's route so far, and I adored the amount of detail in this game and how the plot began to unfold as you went along.


 I'm a bit of a perfectionist though when it comes to games so I have to ask- is there a direct romantic ending with Michelle or is the open-ended ending the closest there is to one?

Thanks for playing! Yep, the open ended ending is the "romantic" one. there are only two real endings to the game, based on your last choice, and one alternate earlier on.



hullo!! first of all, thanks so much for all your hard work to make such an intriguing and engaging game! second of all, it's my first time writing a comment on a game omg so i'm sorry if any of this should be in an email or something instead. 

i played Pairanormal for the second time today and enjoyed it just as much as the first. since there's no fast forward or back/undo function upon replay, i decided to space out my plays, as i want to be able to experience as much of the story, dialogue, character development, clue-uncovering, etc. as possible without getting impatient or overfamiliar. (my first play was about a month and a half ago; the right amount of time passed for me to conveniently forget some of the plot points so it was a mystery again!)

*LOTS of spoilers ahead!!*

my favourite schoolmate characters are Laura and Todd, but funnily enough i haven't cleared either of their routes yet. from memory, my first play was focused on Michelle, but it was a little open-ended as to whether i actually reached a romance-end with her or not. i remember wondering since there wasn't a clear end scene with her, or any sort of 'achievement' or memento that told me i'd finished a specific route, like "you just got the Michelle ending :)" sorta thing, and then a part of the gallery that shows which endings i've unlocked and am yet to unlock. i wasn't sure if the open-endedness was part of the point though! on my second play i picked a different way to end my story so it made more sense not to have an end scene with a particular romanceable character (although i think an achievement thingie would still be helpful so i can remember to try to do things differently the next time for a different ending).

it seemed like there was one main event that determined whose feelings are reciprocated to player character - so that even though i was intending to play someone else's route, choosing one of the four (i.e. not all the characters) friends to walk home with that specific time meant it disregarded my previous scenes. but there might've been a different stream of choices i just didn't see this time around!

i also noticed a little bit of discontinuity in the second half of the story - having chosen to spend more time with Laura in the first half, i.e. not visiting the clubhouse or later the cemetery, the second half has some common scenes that refer back to clubhouse and cemetery things that don't super make sense [unless upon a previous play you've gone to those two places and remember vague details about them, which i luckily did hehe].

*plot spoilers over, i THINK! not guaranteed though...*

i like the investigation-hints function a lot as i stress about timed scenes (this game's timings are very gentle! i'm just very slow lol). however the hint frames stay on the screen long after the investigation scenes unless you manually toggle the function off. if you don't, when they do leave by themselves eventually, they don't come back automatically for the next investigation scene. so it's a little bit fiddly, but overall not that big a deal tbh idek why im saying all these words about it!!

anyway, all of this is to say that omg i adore the game, and if i hadn't read one of your replies to someone else's comment about not knowing to including a couple of conventional visual novel game features, i would not have spoken up about any of this bc i genuinely enjoyed all the moments of the game! but in case you are hoping for feedback for future projects and stuff... :) :)

some things i absolutely loved:

  • the art style!!!!! i love the lines and colours, all the details and tiny easter eggs (i probably haven't even noticed a third of them but still! e.g. the little frogs everywhere...)
  • the queer backstory arc :3
  • the differences between every character's behaviours and tendencies and personalities, especially in speech and even in facial expression (i appreciate Laura's stims and stammers, Mari's excited YELLINGS, Michelle's only 79% convincing defensive outbursts, Bret's motormouthing with his hand to his face, Todd's generous laughs, and so on)
  • just going with 'they/them' for player character - so simple and effective lol
  • the fact that you can ask each character their own opinions and tidbits of knowledge on some of the clues - i didn't catch this the first time so i spent a lot of my investigation time this play finding out more about each character's thoughts! that meant i missed out on a couple of the secret rooms though - but all the more reason to play again. :D

whoah... sorry for such a long comment. i'm very keen to replay again in a few weeks' time to experience yet another different story!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks again for a lovely lovely game!

Thanks for playing, cicadaconference, especially for braving the game for multiple playthroughs. I don't know if I'll ever make a visual novel again, but the feedback we get has already taught me a lot.

This is a message for Salty, since they asked: I absolutely picked the option to neither ask Todd out on a date nor ask them about romance on my first go (with the video from the stream to prove it). Not only was Todd not at all my type, I'd felt like the game was throwing him at me and crowbarring him into things in a way that was already annoying and frankly I didn't appreciate being called a coward for not going for the guy.

Hope this is taken in the half-joking way it is intended, as I know that the jab in the game was meant as a bit of cheeky fun... but the "cowardice" accusation did sincerely rub me up the wrong way.

Not intended. I'm just trying to protect Todd's feelings. He's going to be devastated.

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Salty wrote the cheeky message, but I wrote the game, and I'm happy to offer some insight. Since Todd isn't a member of the club, I wanted to include him as much as possible in other ways. I'm sorry it annoyed you. 

As for that particular option, you can ask Todd about romancing him, romancing other people, or say nothing. The "coward" comment was for someone who chose to do nothing, not for people who didn't want to romance Todd. Hope that helps clear up any confusion!


all i have to say is this game is amazing. 10/10 would recommend (side note: i would take a bullet for bret. just saying)

Sorry this reply is so late, but thanks for playing the game!

Hello, I can't wait to play this game when I first heard of it I tried the demo. I really enjoyed the art and the music when playing the demo. I donated/purchase the game and can't wait to play through it. 

Alphine Bird, thanks so much for waiting for this to release (it is finally up now!) and playing the demo. Please let use know if you run into any bugs and we will do what we can to help.


Hi, just started and I'm loving the mysterious vibe and characters. Plus, I love point and clicks and looking forward to solving mysteries, but I'm a bit confused as to the features. Does the game have a log or chat history? Also is there a skip button for replays? Going through all the dialogue to romance a different character would be a task. I got a bug when I walked home with Bret for some reason the whole convo skipped through on its own super fast so I have no idea what him and MC said to eachother. I had to restart cause I'm too curious, but I'm really looking forward to playing the rest it seems interesting!

Hey thanks so much for playing! This was the first visual novel I made and I unfortunately had a poor grasp of many of the genre's conventions. The features you asked for are not included. However you can adjust the text speed in the options to read through your second playthrough a little faster; hope that helps.

as for the bug you mentioned, We have encountered it before and can send you a fix. Let me know what chapter you were in and roughly what was being said at and we'll take care of it. Thank you again!

Hey, uh, is there someone I can talk to if I'm having trouble with the game? No reason 😅

yes you can send an email to or comment here. Thank you for playing!