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This game is currently on Hiatus. download an unfinished, alpha version below

The gameplay of Charmixy centers around puzzle combat. Two opponents go head to head and attempt to clear each other's victory hearts from the board. By matching up elements on the board, players are able to clear a path to the hearts! But, once a heart is exposed, how do you destroy it?

Before going into battle, players can equip up to 4 different charms, special spells that aid in matching up tiles, destroying victory hearts, and tripping up the opponent! Every charm does something unique, and your play can vary wildly depending on your favorite charms to use in battle.

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Charmixy V0.032 19 MB

Install instructions

How to start the game:

  1. Download that zip file!
  2. unzip it! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzip!
  3. Run the application "Charmixy" or "CharmixySDK" or "Antares" depending on which version you're currently playing
  4. you're playing the game! woohoo!


Most menus can be navigated with your mouse. just point and click!

if you're playing the crude text demo, you can use 'Z' to move dialogue forward!